11 January 2011

Classified Weapons Report

Announcing Tannhäuser Equipment Cards

“These reports can’t be true,” muttered the Secretary of Defense, staring over the files in disbelief. “Most of these weapons should not even be possible to manufacture. Surely this is some sort of scare tactic! Are we sure this is coming from a reliable source?”

A fist slammed down on the desk, but the figure remained in the shadows. “Of course I’m sure! You think I’d call you down here on account of speculation?! What you see there, Mr. Secretary, is the next phase of the war. If we hope to keep up, then I suggest you learn what you can from those reports. Because they were not easy to come by...”

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of Equipment Cards for Tannhäuser, the board game of tactical combat in an alternate reality where the Great War never ended! This handy card pack features over 200 full-color cards that conveniently contain all the stats and special rules for every piece of equipment from the 13 Tannhäuser products released thus far.

One side of these cards features artwork, stats, and rules for the equipment token which it corresponds with, while the other side indicates which character it is for, if applicable. As an addition, each card indicates what kind of pack (Combat, Stamina, or Command) that particular piece of equipment belongs to for that character, letting you prepare for your game without even opening the rulebook!

Included in the Equipment Cards pack are reference cards for the following products:

These cards will speed up your game and make it easier to equip your characters on the fly. The Equipment Cards expansion also includes rules reference cards to keep the focus on the game. In addition, future Tannhäuser releases will come with equipment cards such as these in addition to equipment tokens!

So prepare for the battles at hand with Equipment Cards for Tannhäuser, coming later this winter!

Note: These cards use the latest Tannhäuser rules found in the Revised Edition Rulebook.

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