8 September 2010 | Event Center

Deathwatch and Death Angel Release next week

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The Imperium is set upon on all sides. By Heretic. By Unseen forces. By Mutant. Most proactive of all is the alien. The mightiest of aliens, though, cannot hope to stand against the mightiest of mankind. None can stand against those pinnacles of power, those bringers of death. It is the Adeptus Astartes that stand between mankind and those that would bring the mighty edifice of man crashing down.

The chance has finally come for you to lift your holy Bolter and take the battle to the enemy. Next week two great titles are being released by Fantasy Flight Games: Deathwatch and Death Angel.

In Deathwatch RPG you and your friends play a team of superpowered Space Marines, assigned to root out and destroy nefarious aliens that have no other wish than to see the Imperium of Man burn.

In Death Angel, you and your team of Terminators walk the halls of a derelict Space Hulk, burning out the infestation of Genestealer Tyranids.

Both of these titles will be for sale at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center next week. We are currently taking pre-orders for both, and we’ll be offering discounts to everybody who pre-orders. We will only have a limited supply of Death Angel, so the earlier you come in to pre-order your copy, the better.


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