29 September 2010

New Ways to be Killed by a Troll

Presenting official variants for DungeonQuest

Long ago, during the great Dragon Wars, the mighty Dragonlord Kalladra devised the most cunning and insidious trap ever constructed. His desire to dominate Terrinoth became an obsession, but every attempt he made to conquer the realms was met with heroic resistance. So he withdrew himself underground and concocted a labyrinth of wretched design. Rather than engage the nations of Terrinoth in open warfare as his brethren did, Kalladra believed there was no greater danger to the rulers and heroes of the land than their own greed. And so he built Dragonfire Dungeon...

The rules to DungeonQuest present several optional rules, allowing players to tailor their own unique gaming experience. In that spirit, we're pleased to offer three all-new official variants (pdf, 836 KB) on our support page! If all players agree beforehand, these optional rules can replace certain mechanics found in the main rulebook.

But beware! No matter how you choose to play, the mighty Dragonlord Kalladra will use all his cunning and power to protect his treasure. Dare you face the dragon’s challenge?

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