22 September 2010 | Event Center

The Generals Have Been Chosen For the Ard Boyz Semi-Finals

Announcing the victors of the Event Center Preliminaries

Six Generals met blows upon the fields of war at the ‘Ard Boyz prelimenaries this August. The Dwarfs, though at first defeated, did not give up as they brought their hammers to bear upon the shoddy armor of the Imperial army of Kislev. The Lizardmen, led by a mighty Slann, finally brought low the Dwarven Thane. From battlefield to battlefield the Phoenix Guard of Ulthuan marched, with mighty Teclis well defended in their midst. The Winds of Magic roiled about him and scoured the land clean of the enemy. But his magic could not save him against the fell destructive magic of the Skaven. The hordes of vile rat-men fell upon his army with claw and sword to a victorious outcome over the rest.

Fantasy Flight Games Event Center is proud to present the winners of the first round in the ‘Ard Boyz tournament.



1st place went to Jeremy Aebly who scored a total of 58 points.



2nd place went to Luke Thompson who scored a total of 54 points.


3rd place went to Nick Brown who scored a total of 53 points.

All three of these generals move on to the Semi-finals, which will take place this Saturday, September 25th. If you have qualified at any other location, contact us and let us know you will be attending. The top three players at the Semi-Finals will be allowed to move onto the finals in Chicago in October. We look forward to seeing you there.

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