20 September 2010 | Event Center

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Escalation League at the Event Center

Starts October 3, 2010


Take heed and gather your armies, for the FFG Event Center Warhammer:


Fantasy Battles League is about to begin!


The league officially starts on Sunday October 3rd, so come in before then to register your army to participate in this 3-month, whirlwind, magic-item smash-and-grab. The Border Princes are giving over their territories to the strongest generals, and the most daring pirates-lords.

The league will see your see your army grow from the easy to manage 1000 points in October to the full-fledged, tournament ready 2000 point army in December.  What will your armies be fighting for? Glory and treasure. In the Border Princes weapons are becoming imbued by the fell-light of Morrsleib, the green moon of chaos. These weapons will give power to those that take them in hand and use them to smite their foe.  So prepare your armies for the fight of their life. Scour your tomes of strategy in preparation, and hurry in to sign-up, so you can make it into the league before anyone else. To the victor goes the spoils of war.

Check out the full-rules for the league by checking out this Handy PDF.

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