13 September 2010

Keep Your Friends Close...

A closer look at Isla Dorada, an upcoming board game

Legends of unimaginable treasure surround the mysterious island of Isla Dorada. Several ancient civilizations once carved out a mighty empire on its shores, but the passage of time and the ravaging of wild beasts have driven them to ruin, leaving behind priceless artifacts and confusing maps to their hidden locations.

Now the year is 1934, and your expedition has crash landed on this exotic island. Your chance for infinite riches is within your grasp. But you don’t want to share the loot with the rest of the expedition, do you?

Last month, Fantasy Flight Games announced the upcoming release of Isla Dorada, a board game of exploration and treasure for 3-6 players. Designed by the creative team of Bruno Faidutti, Alan R Moon, Andrea Angiolino, and Piergiorgio Paglia, Isla Dorada lets you guide your expedition through hazardous terrain and hostile territory, exploring the wonders of Isla Dorada while you compete to find the most treasure among your fellow explorers.

Today, we’re pleased to offer the first details of this exciting title on our Isla Dorada website!

In Isla Dorada, players join together to form an expedition, navigating through a mysterious and treasure-ridden island. However, since each player is competing to be the one explorer to find the most treasure, they each have their own treasure maps and their own secret motivations. To move the expedition, players bid cards that allow them to move the expedition through certain terrain. Whoever wins the bid gets to move the expedition and potentially find their hidden treasure.

Watch your step during your explorations, since dangerous creatures and curses lurk around the hidden ways of Isla Dorada. Head to our description page to learn more, and keep checking back in the coming weeks as we reveal more about Isla Dorada, including an interview with Bruno Faidutti himself!

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