13 September 2010 | Event Center

Activities this Week at the Event Center

Ross Watson will be At the EC Signing Deathwatch 6:00PM Sept 25, 20010

The wait is finally over! Both the Deathwatch core rulebook and Space Hulk: Death Angel - The Card Game are begin released nationwide on Wednesday, September 15th. We will have copies of both available in the afternoon, so prepared to stay up late that night poring over the amazing work that Ross Watson and his team have put into it. What are we doing to commemorate such a momentous occasion? We’re giving discounts of 10% to anyone who pre-orders their copies. If you’re a member, your regular 15% discount goes up to 20% for pre-orders! You can come in as late as Tuesday evening to order your copy, but be prepared, there are only a limited number of copies of Death Angel. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. To top that off, Ross Watson himself will be in at 6:00pm to sign copies for those who attend and answer any questions you may have.

All week long we’ll have Horus Heresy out for you and a friend to play, and we just got some new terrain for you to use when you come in and play Warhammer 40,000. The air has really been buzzing with excitement regarding all the new arrivals to hit the streets in the next several weeks, including Cadwallon: City of Thieves, and Dust Tactics. And so the Event Center has decided to extend discounts to anyone who pre-order those as well.

Mack Martin the developer of Dark Hersey will be here September 15, 2010 giving painting tips and tricks to the Thursday Painting club.

If you’ve ever wanted to come in and learn how to play Twilight Imperium, we have a great group of players who meet every Thursday night and Saturday morning. The group is growing, but we have more than enough space to house several full-sized games.

Our expert staff is well-versed in the games we carry, so feel free to ask anyone, with a blue-shirt on, how the combat system works when you and your friends come in to play Runewars or Chaos in the Old World.

We are privileged to provide for you and your friends a clean, open gaming space where you can come and spend a relaxing evening playing games, sharing a pizza from Z-Pizza with friends, and remembering why you started playing board games in the first place. We’ll see you later this week.

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