12 August 2010 | Event Center

Warhammer Ard Boyz comes to Fantasy Flight Event Center

Fight your way through the Preliminaries - August 28 2010



The clash of battle draws you closer, the smell of fire brings you near.
You hunger for battle and the pounding of metal on metal as you beat your
opponent to submission. Only the strongest will survive to move on to the next battle, 
bringing you closer and closer to your final goal, To be called the North
 American Ard Boyz Champion.  There are thousands of other
generals clamoring for the same glory, but a hopeful general is only a
successful general if he defeats his opponents and arrives victorious.
The Fantasy Flight Games Event Center is pleased to announce the hosting
of the ‘Ard Boyz 2010 Preliminaries, being held on location on August
28th. So bring your armies, bring your champions, bring your desire for
victory and the need for honor and join us for the biggest, nastiest
battles you’ll ever experience. Masterfully craft that list you’ve always
wanted to play with, that list that will leave all trembling in your wake.
Those that rank high enough at the Preliminaries will be granted the
chance to sign up for Semi-finals, and those generals with enough clout to
take victory at the Semi-Finals will be invited to the Finals, located in
Chicago in October. We’ll be following the posted ‘Ard Boyz rules strictly, so make sure that
you have read the documents found on Games Workshop’s site, including the
multiple copies provided to the tournament organizers. And while outside
food and drink are not allowed on the premises of the Event Center, pizza
can be ordered from Z-pizza on site, and we offer a large selection of
drinks to choose from. Don’t waste another minute, reserve your place at
the tournament and start working on that army list.
Ard Boyz Rules can be found Here.
For Pre-Registration please Email [email protected]
9:30 am   -   Check In
10:00AM -   1:00PM  Round 1
1:00PM   -   2:00PM  Lunch
2:00PM   -   5:00PM  Round 2
5:00PM   -   6:00PM  Dinner
6:00PM   -   9:00PM  Round 3
9:30PM   -   Ceremonies





















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