6 July 2010

Embark on an Exotic Adventure

Mists of Zanaga is now on sale!

The Free Cities of Terrinoth still reel from the ravages of the Dragon Wars. But as the newfound peace continues to restore order to Terrinoth, many adventurers begin to set their sights on the unexplored and forgotten parts of the world. The untamed wilderness of Zanaga attracts all sorts of explorers, lore seekers, and treasure hunters to its mysterious shores. However, a dark power taints the land, and the people and creatures that call Zanaga home will not treat all newcomers kindly...

Mists of Zanaga, the latest big box expansion for Runebound, is now on sale at your friendly local game store as well as our webstore!

Visit the wild and forgotten realm of Zanaga, where the cunning four-armed, frog-like mahkim perform deadly rituals to raise their primal gods in an attempt to free their land from the taint of the chaos god known as Tarakhe. To learn more about the game, check out our past previews on Rituals, Primal Gods, and Roaming Monsters.

Mists of Zanaga adds a colorful new board overlay, depicting the wild jungles and swamps of Zanaga. Six brand new heroes will be able to explore this new continent, uncovering the secrets of the makhim’s rituals, encounter wandering monsters, and hunt for the elusive Lost City.

Adding all-new gameplay mechanics, a variety of primal gods to face, and over 165 new cards to bring this lush landscape to life, Mists of Zanaga creates a totally new way to play Runebound. Search out the secrets of the primal gods’ power and help summon them to free Zanaga from the clutch of Tarakhe.

Stop by your local retailer or our webstore to pick up a copy today!

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