1 July 2010 | Event Center

Warhammer 8th Edition Release Events

Come learn to play 8th Edition Fantasy Warhammer - July 10, 2010


A time of great change is upon us. The Winds of Magic are boiling over from the north. The Empire is beset on all sides by the enemies of its forefathers. The lands of Bretonnia are rife with intrigue. The Elves continue to wage their embittered civil war. The Dwarven Book of Grudges continues to burst at the seams with misdeeds recorded by hand. Bring forth your armies, sharpen your swords, and make battle as you see fit, for Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Edition is upon us!


Come into Fantasy Flight Games'' Event Center to pick up your copy of the newest edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles on July 10th, and while you're here, take part in the numerous events we have planned for you. Do you fancy yourself a quick and masterful assembler of models? Then prepare to throw down with other like-minded individuals. Enter our speed painting competition, or our banner design contest. Make sure to bring in 500 points of miniatures so we can give you a quick play-through of a couple of turns in the new edition. Or get involved in the mega battle in the afternoon that will give you the full feel of the tumultuous battles that happen throughout the Old World.The new play style offers a quicker, grittier battle between you and your opponent. The risks and rewards of magic are far greater than before. Volleys of fire can finally decimate the enemy as war always intended it too. Powerful leaders take to the battlefield and bring mighty powers down upon the heads of the common soldier. Come in on July 10th and experience all of the changes that await you in Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th edition. 

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