8 June 2010 | SmileyFace

Smile, and the Whole World Smiles With You

Announcing SmileyFace, an upcoming card game of face-to-face fun

Everyone’s made one. A wink ;) or a frown :( tells people exactly how you’re feeling. Well, If you can make a smiley face, you can play SmileyFace. So stop typing and start smiling! :D

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the latest addition to our toy line of board and card games!

SmileyFace is a card game of face-to-face family fun for four to eight players. This clever family game by designers Bruno Faidutti and Gwenaël Bouquin, featuring hilarious art by Antonio Dessi and Ben Prenvost, includes 82 cards with dozens of quirky and colorful characters based on popular emoticons.

Over the seven short rounds of the game, each player tries to collect the highest total face value of cards of a single type. Each round brings new surprises as the values of cards change and the wacky Mischief cards come into play. Only the player with the highest score for a round (and perhaps the player who lent him a helping hand) will win points! All the other players are out of luck. :(

Gameplay in SmileyFace is simple and engaging, with a delightful unpredictability that will send players on a fun-filled roller coaster of emotions. Moving in clockwise order, each player simply plays a card from his or her hand, placing it face up on the table. All matching cards in a single player’s area adds to his or her score for that round. But watch out! Players may also use a wacky Mischief card, throwing your delicate plans back in your face!

Check out our detailed description of this hilarious card game, and later this summer, start smiling!

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