24 June 2010

Rules of the Jungle

The Rules for Mists of Zanaga are Now Available for Download

“You are a stranger to these lands,” the mahkim said, his eyes narrowing. “You must learn the ways of the jungle before it swallows you. Many of my people will not hesitate to end your expeditions should they interfere with our rituals. But, should you aid us...we may just be able to cleanse Zanaga of Tarakhe once and for all!”

Welcome to the jungle!

Mists of Zanaga, FFG’s newest Runebound expansion, will be in stores soon. Runebound players can now prepare themselves for a whole new world of adventure! Stop by the Runebound support page to download the rules (pdf, 2.8 mb).

Tarakhe is corrupting everything on the forgotten continent of Zanaga, from native tribes to once-docile beasts. It is now the most savage of wilderness. To survive, you must first learn the ways...


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