2 June 2010

Unsafe Passage

A Look at Roaming Monsters in Mists of Zanaga, the expansion for Runebound

The ships are leaving Terrinoth! Don’t be late to join the voyage of a lifetime. Peril, treasure, and glory all await!

Soon a new and exotic land will open up before you as the release of Mists of Zanaga approaches. You have heard tales of this strange, forgotten land. During the harrowing voyage on the high seas you listened to the captain’s stories of the mahkim and their bizarre rituals, and of the terrible primal gods they worship. Now, as the misty land of Zanaga looms on the horizon, the captain gives you a final warning - to watch your step and avoid the deadly Roaming Monsters.

The lands of Zanaga are home to vicious beasts, sinister natives, and terrible monsters. This makes travel across the jungle a severely treacherous endeavor. As we saw in the ritual preview, the Undefeated Challenge track is used as the Ritual Track in Mists of Zanaga. However, this does not mean that undefeated challenges will not pose a threat for adventurers. On the contrary...

If a Hero is knocked unconscious or successfully escapes a Challenge, the Challenge card is placed on the Roaming Monster track at the bottom of the game board. These Challenges are now Roaming Monsters and can attack unsuspecting Heros who wander astray.

Each Challenge card in Mists of Zanaga has a terrain symbol on it. These are used to make Roaming Monster checks. Whenever a Hero ends his movement outside of a town space and does not attempt an adventure counter, he must make a Roaming Monster check. If any of the Challenge cards on the Roaming Monster track have a terrain symbol that matches the Hero’s space, the Hero must encounter that Challenge.

(The Roaming Monster track - each Challenge is assigned a random Ritual Token when drawn)

But don’t be so sure you can avoid those lurking threats. If when making a Roaming Monster check none of the terrain types match your space, you must add a new Challenge card to the Roaming Monster track. No path is safe!

Check back soon for more tales from Zanaga!

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