10 May 2010

Send In The Troops

Announcing Union and Reich Troop Packs for Tannhäuser

“MacNeal, you’re breaking up, please repeat.” “...We’re under heavy...[static]...We can’t hold out for...[static]...” “Roger that. Reinforcements are on their way. ETA: fifteen min-” “They’re everywhere! Look out for...[static, gunfire]”

The war is escalating between the Union and the Reich. As the battles grow more and more critical, additional support is vital. Fortunately, reinforcements are set to arrive soon, just in time for an upcoming shift in battle plans...

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of Troop Packs for use with Tannhäuser! Coming this summer, each pack further expands the Union and Reich factions by adding additional troops, tokens, and scenarios.

The Reich Troop Pack includes new Schocktruppen and Stossstruppen figures, while the Union Troop Pack comes with new Commando Alpha and Commando Delta figures. Additionally, these expertly detailed pre-painted figures all feature an alternate color scheme, making it easy for players to differentiate these new troops from the ones found in the core game.

These Troop Packs give players new options when constructing their forces, and they provide an all new equipment pack for their Troops! Each pack also features brand new background information, a unique scenario, and all new tokens in addition to the ones found in the core set. With these packs in hand, players will now be able to use the alternate organization of two Heroes and three Troopers. As Troopers are the only characters able to benefit from reinforcement, they are now more important than ever.

With new figures, tokens, and scenarios, these Troop Packs are the perfect way to reinforce your faction for the coming battles. And, with the Tannhäuser Revised Edition Rulebook rapidly approaching shelves, each faction will need more firepower than ever before!

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