20 April 2010

A Savage Wilderness

Announcing Mists of Zanaga, an expansion for Runebound

“This was not here before” Annen said, utterly mystified as he stared across the Swamp of Sorrow at a mystical golden city. “It must be true, Nyarik...the ritual worked.”

“Of course it worked,” the mahkim said in his broken common tongue. “I can feel the taint of Tarakhe receding. The grip of chaos is no match for the primal gods.” Nyarik motioned toward the city with one of his four arms, shaking a finger at Annen with another. “Yet do not be deceived. Set is not our savior. He is known as Set the Deceiver, and his gold will shine only to crumble in your very hands.”

Annen barely heard the mahkim’s words. He did not even hear Nyarik’s choked breath as the hanging vines came to life and began to strangle the mahkim. The Mistvine druid that lurked in the shadows laughed as the foolish adventurer waded through the swamp in a daze toward Set’s illusionary paradise. Tightening his sorcerous grip on the struggling mahkim, the druid followed Annen, determined to defend Set’s lost city from annihilation.

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to present the newest Runebound expansion, Mists of Zanaga! This summer, journey to a new and mysterious land. Explore the jungles and ruins of an ancient and forgotten civilization. Face the terrifying power of the primal gods. And be the first to restore balance to Zanaga...

As the Dragon Wars become a distant memory for the people of Terrinoth, adventurers set their sights on new realms of adventure. Ships set sail across treacherous waters for the first time in centuries to open the doors to the forgotten world of Zanaga. Chaos grips the land. The old empire of lizardmen has fallen, its people have become shadows of their ancestors, descending into savagery. The taint of an ancient evil known as Tarakhe corrupts all and the primal gods must be awoken to restore the balance of nature. Only the reptilian makhim have the rituals to summon the primal powers that can purge Tarakhe’s corruption, but heroes are needed to face the primal gods before they destroy more than just Tarakhe...

Mists of Zanaga adds a colorful new board overlay, depicting the wild jungles and swamps of Zanaga. Six brand new heroes will be able to explore this new continent, uncovering the secrets of the makhim’s rituals, encounter wandering monsters, and hunt for the elusive Lost City. Adding all-new gameplay mechanics, a variety of primal gods to face, and over 165 new cards to bring this lush landscape to life, Mists of Zanaga creates a totally new way to play Runebound. Search out the secrets of the primal gods’ power and help summon them to free Zanaga from the clutch of Tarakhe.

Keep watching for previews of this exciting expansion, and this summer, it is up to you to quell the awoken primal god’s fury before they destroy the balance of nature themselves!

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