31 March 2010

Host your own StarCraft Event...

...and give your players a chance to win StarCraft II beta keys!

The StarCraft Celebration Event at the FFG Event Center will let fans of Blizzard’s wildly popular computer game gather to celebrate the upcoming release of StarCraft II in style – by playing StarCraft: The Board Game!

But if you can’t make it to Roseville, Minnesota, don’t worry! Fantasy Flight Games and Blizzard Entertainment are teaming up to offer local retailers and game club organizers all the components and prizes they need to run their own exciting events.

As a retailer, club leader, or event organizer living in the United States, you need only apply. Pending approval of your application (in which you must outline exactly how you intend to promote and facilitate your StarCraft: The Board Game event, and when it will take place) we’ll send you two beta keys for Blizzard’s upcoming StarCraft II, the much-anticipated sequel to one of Blizzard’s most popular titles! Use them as door prizes, tournament awards, or any other kind of event support; the choice is yours.

No purchase is necessary to apply to receive the beta keys; the only restrictions are that your “StarCraft Day” Event, however you choose to run it, must take place between April 16th and 25th, and that only applicants within the United States will be considered. To apply to receive your StarCraft II beta keys for use in your store or club, fill out our online application.

Also available is the optional StarCraft Celebration Kit, which contains a copy of StarCraft: The Board Game and the Brood War expansion, a promotional planet for use in the board game, and a StarCraft poster and art print. Head over to our webstore or our B2B site to purchase your event kit and get started (Retailers: to get signed up for our B2B site, contact our sales department)! Remember, purchase of these additional resources are optional, and are not necessary to be considered as a host of the event.

Want to help generate interest in your store or club while showing your enthusiasm for this exciting game? Help us celebrate StarCraft!

StarCraft: The Board Game pits 2-6 players against each other in a desperate struggle for control of the galaxy. Based on the hit Blizzard computer game, StarCraft: The Board Game puts players in control of one of three unique races to battle across multiple worlds, forge alliances, collect resources, and build armies in an attempt to conquer the known galaxy.

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