21 December 2010

A Renaissance Man of War

Announcing Magnifico, an upcoming board game of inventive warfare!

Imagine a world where Leonardo DaVinci’s various machines of war were actually built. Now, imagine what the face of war would look like if these inventions suddenly became mass-produced.

Welcome to Magnifico.

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of Magnifico: DaVinci’s Art of War! In this alternate vision of the 16th century Renaissance, Leonardo DaVinci is leading the arms race with his radical new designs. War is now waged with lumbering tanks and high-flying airplanes, and if you can’t keep up with the evolving technology...you will never become the next magnifico.

In this board game of conquest and invention for 3-5 players, the rules of war have changed drastically. No longer can infantry and cavalry fight it out on the open field. Now huge constructs are led into battle, laying waste to whatever stands in their way. Magnifico: DaVinci’s Art of War is an inventive game of economy, technology, and warfare. Players must take over new territories in order to raise more money, invest in new projects, and fund the construction of their war machines.

Magnifico comes with a colorful game board, 400 plastic soldiers, 20 plastic tanks, 20 plastic airplanes, 16 plastic castles (with 40 attachable plastic towers), plastic coins (Florins), 6 custom dice, and 60 Project cards.

With its blend of elegant mechanics and customizable inventions, Magnifico creates a strategic game that’s easy to learn and play. Do you have what it takes to become the next magnifico? Visit the Magnifico: DaVinci’s Art of War website for more information, then this winter, prepare to reinvent warfare!

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