29 November 2010

Napoleon's Latest Victory

Battles of Napoleon named Best New Historical Simulation Game

“Even when I am gone, I shall remain in people's minds the star of their rights, my name will be the war cry of their efforts, the motto of their hopes.”      –Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte stands among the most accomplished and decorated leaders in the history of the world. Now, the latest tactical board game to bear his name has earned accolades of its own. Battles of Napoleon, a board game of realistic battlefield tactics for two players, has been named “Best New Historical Simulation Game” by Games® Magazine!

We at Fantasy Flight Games are honored that Battles of Napoleon has claimed a spot among the most highly regarded board games of the year. If you have yet to experience this engaging war simulation, which pits the forces of the French against the forces of the British in some of the most decisive battles in Europe’s history, head to our description page and learn what you’ve been missing.

The Battles of Napoleon system is easy to learn, but it offers a wealth of strategic options; this gives you a fast and challenging game while at the same time pitting you against the same tactical problems that commanders of the Napoleonic age had to face. Well-coordinated use of infantry, cavalry and artillery, skillful maneuvering of your units and use of your formations, and knowledge of the strong and weak points of your troops, will all be essential in leading your army to victory.

Battles of Napoleon achieves an immersive sense of realism, due chiefly to two mechanics. First, during the game, you'll need to send dispatches to your unit group commanders and issue your orders to unit groups through them. The orders you give determine the general behavior of each unit group, that will be partially restricted by the order itself. Like in reality, the orderly geometry of a battle can be affected by random factors and by unpredictable dashes of the troops. This is represented in the game by drawing Event/Reaction cards, which can be used in your turn or in the opponent's turn. The degree of uncertainty created by these cards means that you’ll have to stay adaptable if you hope to claim victory.

In short, Battles of Napoleon provides an accessible introduction to players wishing to enjoy a realistic battle simulation, while at the same time offering a depth that will appeal to long-time wargamers. Thanks again to Games® Magazine for their recognition of this fantastic board game!

Don’t own it yet? Since its release, Battles of Napoleon has been extremely popular, and many retailers have sold out. But another shipment is arriving soon, and should be in stores late next week. Pick up your copy just in time for the holidays!

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