26 October 2010

Still Recovering in Arkham Asylum

A brief recap from Arkham Nights

(Opening night)

The city of Roseville is still reeling from a recent invasion of over a hundred brave souls seeking a weekend of horror and fun. For those who weren’t able to attend Arkham Nights this past weekend, here is a quick look at some of the highlights that made this one of our successful events yet! Friday night was met with an eager crowd preparing themselves to do battle against the Ancient Ones with Arkham Horror designer Richard Launius, face off against new challengers with Call of Cthulhu, or catch one of the many exciting seminars planned for the weekend.

Among the activities on the schedule were two epic games of Arkham Horror entitled To the Barricades and Streets of Insanity. These scenarios incorporated different aspects from all the Arkham Horror expansions to date. Needless to say, it was a horrific ordeal. For players not ready to give up their sanity on such a frightful game, there were numerous other tables of Arkham Horror going on with barely an empty seat in the house.

Various seminars were held over the weekend to give fans a chance to learn more about their favorite games from the designers themselves. The first of the seminars was an Arkham Horror discussion with designers Kevin Wilson, Richard Launius, and Tim Uren. Special guest Patricia Meredith, FFG’s fiction editor then answered questions regarding Ghouls of the Miskatonic, the upcoming Arkham Horror novel by Graham McNeill.

Mansions of Madness designer Corey Konieczka was on hand for a seminar as well, while also giving a few lucky gamers a chance to try their hand on Fantasy Flight Games’ newest creation set in Lovecraft’s world.

(Corey Konieczka introducing fans to Mansions of Madness)

Call of Cthulhu fans were given a chance to compete in a close-fought tournament as well as a variant tournament called the Cthulhu Cube draft. Newcomers were given a chance to learn the game from the developers themselves. LCG designer James Hata and producer Mike David held another seminar for Call of Cthulhu, taking questions on the upcoming The Order of the Silver Twilight expansion. Each seminar was packed with excited fans eager to learn more about these upcoming products.

(James Hata with Cthulhu Cube Draft winner Joshua A.)  (Designer James Hata teaching Call of Cthulhu)

Finally there was a costume contest for aspiring investigators and minions of the Ancient Ones. While Joshua A. (The Red Gloved Man) won the contest, Chris C. (The King in Yellow) won fan favorite.

Fantasy Flight Games would like to thank everyone who attended this awesome event and we hope to see them, and all those who couldn’t make it, next year for our second annual Arkham Nights!

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