22 October 2010

Along Came a Wolf

Announcing the upcoming availability of Wolf for Tannhäuser

The snow fell silently over the derelict facility. Ruined digging machines stood like stone gargoyles, staring down into a gaping chasm that had swallowed much of the building. Whatever the Reich were looking for, they must have found it. But at what price?

“They dug too deep,” Wolf said to himself, his breath misting the frozen air. He drew his knife, the cold steel coming alive in the moonlight. Pondering whether or not he should return to his Union employers with the information, Wolf strode closer to the wide scar in the earth. “Whatever they found,” he thought aloud, “it might tip the scales.”

There Wolf stood, surrounded by the serene snowfall, contemplating changing sides again.

Wolfgang Otto Ludwing Friedrich is a high-priced mercenary, willing to fight any battle so long as the pay outweighs the danger. He’s a deadly fighter, a veteran of various campaigns, and he’s currently looking for more work...

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of Wolf, a single figure expansion for Tannhäuser. Previously, Wolf was only available as a promotional item. Soon, his services will be open to the highest bidder.

Wolf comes complete with a painted miniature, tokens, a character sheet, and a rulebook featuring a unique scenario for this cunning mercenary. Don’t let a man this dangerous slip through your fingers!

Watch this site for more information on Wolf, coming this winter!

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