25 January 2010 | Event Center

Mark Your Calendar

The Fantasy Flight Games Event Center will open February 20th, 2010

Two weeks ago, we announced the upcoming Grand Opening of the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center, a Roseville, MN facility dedicated to playing your favorite card, board, and miniatures games! The date of this exciting Grand Opening will be Saturday, February 20th. (Note that this is a change from our previous announcement of February 5th. We have moved the opening to avoid a conflict with a great local convention, The Con of the North. Check it out if you can.)

Make your plans now to join us for the Grand Opening of an amazing new gaming destination, the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center.

Everyone is welcome, free of charge, to enjoy daily open gaming in our over 8,000 square feet of dedicated space. Looking for someone to play your favorite game with? Our Flight Deck matchmaking system, in addition to serving as a demo schedule, is always available to help you help you get started at no cost. Just stop in and check with a staff member; we’re here to help you play the game you want, when you want.

In addition to our regular schedule of open gaming, league play, and weekly game nights, the Fantasy Flight Event Center also hosts a range of exciting Community Events! These include previews of FFG games, designer Q&A seminars, and other great events. Best of all, many Community Events are entirely free of charge!

This is just a small taste of what awaits you at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center, and with a membership to the Event Center, you can experience even more. Visit our detailed information page for more, then plan your trip to join us on Saturday, February 20th!

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