2 September 2009

Aslor Awaits!

The Second Volume of Legends of Percevan is Now Available


Now available from the FFG webstore, your Friendly Local Game Store, and book stores, is the second volume of the adventures of gallant Percevan and jolly Kervin: The Realm of Aslor. Join Percevan and Kervin as they adventure through a medieval world magic and mystery, as well as high action and rollicking comedy.

This full-color, hardcover collection features three action-packed tales: The Realm of Aslor, The Hourglass of El-Jerada, and The Dark Arcantane.

To download a free 8-page preview of The Realm of Aslor, follow this link. (PDF, 1.5 MB)


Legends of Percevan is a series of graphic novels about the adventures of a brave knight, Percevan, and his jovial sidekick, Kervin, in a magical medieval past, filled with witches, sorcerers, and monsters.

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