11 September 2009

Rome Rises

Announcing the Expansion for Tribune!

Attention all Roman citizens!

Rome, a viper’s nest of intrigue and betrayal, is about to get even more dangerous. House Brutii, a respected and powerful house made up of politicians as devious as they are resourceful, is entering the political arena. They’ll stop at nothing to gain control of the mighty Tribune... then all of Rome will be theirs. Will you join the Brutii in their grab for power, or stand against them and take power for yourself? Choose a side, citizen. The future of the Roman Empire is at stake!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Tribune Expansion! Including an optional variant that adds a sixth player as the special “Brutii” house, Tribune Expansion brings a new level of intrigue and strategy to this fan favorite, along with an expanded board with unique locations, new victory conditions, exciting assassin cards, and new cards for the “slave” faction.

Keep watching over the next several months, as we’ll be posting the rules for Tribune Expansion!

Tribune is a game of resource allocation, set collection, and bidding set in ancient Rome. 2-5 (or 6, with the expansion) players compete to control Rome by balancing resources, cleverly outbidding and outmaneuvering their opponents, and influencing Roman factions.

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