10 September 2009

Go Forth and Colonize

Ad Astra is now on sale!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that Ad Astra, the new board game for 3-5 players from celebrated designers Bruno Faidutti (Citadels, Red November) and Serge Laget (Mare Nostrum, Mystery of the Abbey), is now on sale!

It is the distant future. Humans, having colonized the far reaches of their solar system, have evolved into five distinct subspecies spread across space. But the system’s life-giving yellow dwarf star is fading, threatening to wipe out all known civilization in a final climactic collapse.

As the leader of one of these five subspecies, it is up to you to defend the interests of your culture while leading the search for a new home. You’ll need to find planets suitable for mining, and others that can be terraformed and inhabited. You might even seek out rare and powerful alien artifacts to aid you in your efforts. Competition for resources will be fierce and only through a certain amount of cooperation and trade amongst humanity's factions will one player be able to rise above the others and forge a new galactic empire!

Ad Astra features dozens of star and planet tiles, randomly arranged at the start of each game to ensure a new play experience every time. By venturing to these systems with your starships and exploring the planets, you can find the resources and land you need to establish colonies and factories, allowing your civilization to grow. When all of the planets have been revealed, the player with the most points, based on growth, is the winner!

With plenty of opportunities for trade and conflict, Ad Astra delivers the strategic depth gamers have come to expect from Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget, all in a little over an hour. Go to our webstore and order your copy, or head over to your friendly local game store today!

Ad•Astra takes three to five players into a possible future where five disparate human subraces must take the next step and explore the wider galaxy, searching for new planets to call home. In the search for a New Earth, players will discover uninhabited resource-rich planets and mine them for the building blocks of a new galactic empire, space ships, colonies, and factories.

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