31 August 2009

The Labyrinth Awaits

FFG is proud to announce Operation: Daedalus for Tannhäuser!

Lieutenant General George S. PattonRe: The Continuing War Efforts

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This meeting has been called to discuss the forthcoming war efforts. Recent additions to the war include the results of Operation: Novgorod and the inclusion of the Matriarchy. The results of Tesla’s defection have proven costly. Recently agents have reported new activity in a number of areas.

Operation Daedalus will be a mission to recover the legendary minotaur, Asterios. This creature is no myth, and we must do everything we can to prevent either of our enemies from recovering him. He will be found deep in the island labyrinth, and will prove to be a massive asset should he be contained. The terrain may prove deadly, with new features and powerful traps. Also hidden within is the legendary platform system of Daedalus! These platforms allow the instant transport of someone, or something, across the labyrinth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, once again we entrust our future to the handful of men and women forming our specialist squads. They will be in my mind and heart, I pray they are in yours as well.


George S. Patton

Operation Daedalus is the newest expansion for Tannhäuser, and is fully compatible with the material found in the base game and Operation: Novgorod. This expansion will take your game to the next level with two brand new maps. The labyrinth of Minos is the target of Operation: Daedalus as each faction is sending a force to capture the powerful and terrifying minotaur. Each scenario will pit your team against the deadly traps and terrors held within this maze. If the hazards aren’t deadly enough, the spirit of Asterios, the legendary minotaur, is haunting the twists and turns as he attempts to bring himself back to our plane. Featuring all new modifier circles, forced movement, and the ever present danger of the minotaur, the Labyrinth of Minos is sure to deliver nail biting action.

The second map is set in the outdoor Outpost of Gévaudan, and also elevates your play experience. This map brings the deadly capabilities of the sniper to bear. An all new icon for you to exploit, the sniper post allows you to target models not on your path!

From detonating the labyrinth to battling the enraged spirit of Asterios, Daedalus offers an immersive linked six scenario campaign. In these scenarios, the mercenaries Wolf and Gorgeï make an appearance. To ensure everyone will able to play these awesome scenarios, Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that Wolf will be for sale wherever Daedalus is sold. That’s right, Wolf will be for sale through our online store and your friendly local game store.

Do you have what it takes to get to the heart of the maze? Can you survive your opponent’s forces, the deadly traps, and the wrath of the spirit of Asterios long enough to understand the secrets held inside?

Find out with Operation: Daedalus!

Tannhäuser is a squad-based board game for 2-10 players, set in a U-chronic past. WWI has never ended and the forces of the Reich have turned to the occult. The forces of the Union have delved into alien technology and developed deadly weapons of war. Using the revolutionary Path-Finding System, Tannhäuser is quick and easy to play.

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