25 August 2009

Raise the Sails

FFG is proud to announce Descent: Sea of Blood

We’re going to need a bigger ship...

This fall the lands of Terrinoth will have an all new area to explore- The mysterious shores of Torue Albes! This brand new expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark is a full length campaign system to be added to your Descent experience. Heroes will be able to sail their ship, which can be upgraded and improved for a price, across the seas. Standing in their way are four new avatars for the dread Overlord to manifest, along with seven new lieutenants that will plague the heroes as they attempt to foil the nefarious schemes being put into motion.

Featuring new enemies for the heroes to battle, islands for them to explore, treasure to be unearthed, and ship-to-ship battles to prove their heroism, this expansion promises to be some of the biggest adventure to be found this year. Cannons may be added to your ship to increase your prowess on the seas, and heroes can now swing from the ropes to board enemy vessels. Discover ancient islands, journey down into the depths of all new dungeons, and scout out the rumors that are spoken of in whisper in taverns. Ghost ships, giant crocodiles, bloodthirsty pirates all await the chance to dine on hero, so get kraken... err cracking.

And don’t forget to say hi to Sweetheart, the sweetest addition to the lieutenants...

Descent: Sea of Blood contains;

6 storage boxes for hero, Overlord, and graveyard components1 Pad of Campaign Sheets1 Torue Albes Map Board1 double-sided Ocean Poster Map10 Power Dice220 Cards11 Ship and Map PiecesOver 225 tokens, including Cannons, Lieutenants, props, map markers, training, and effects

Descent: Journeys in the Dark is a scenario-driven board game that takes a party of adventurers deep into the dungeons of Terrinoth for adventure, treasure, and glory, but beware: the Overlord and his minions stand poised to oppose any heroes foolhardy enough to enter the dungeon. Descent: Sea of Blood takes the game to the next level, introducing campaigns and long-term character development for both the heroes and the Overlord. Cross the dungeon's threshold and step into a world of adventure today!

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