21 August 2009

Your Roadmap to the Stars

The Rules for Ad Astra are Now Available


Coming this Fall to your Friendly Local Game Store and the FFG Webstore is AdAstra, by the hit design team of Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget. In Ad•Astra, players will send the disparate descendants of a Terra into the stars to explore and colonize new planets and build a new galactic empire! Preview copies of Ad•Astra were shown at Gen Con Indy 2009 but for those of you who can't wait to launch your ships, the rules for Ad•Astra are now available for download on the Ad•Astra Support Page. Ad•Astra ships this September so be ready to take to the stars!  

Ad•Astra takes three to five players into a possible future where five disparate human subraces must take the next step and explore the wider galaxy, searching for new planets to call home. In the search for a New Earth, players will discover uninhabited resource-rich planets and mine them for the building blocks of a new galactic empire, space ships, colonies, and factories.

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