20 August 2009

A How-To Guide to Unsportsmanlike Conduct

The Rules for Penny Arcade: The Card Game are Now Available

Get ready for grievous bodily injury with Penny Arcade: The Card Game! This Fall, jump into the fray as Gabe and Tycho battle it out to determine who will be the ultimate master of the Pac-Man watch. To whet your appetite for the punching and kicking that is to come, the rules for Penny Arcade: The Card Game are now available from the Penny Arcade Support Page. Penny Arcade: The Card Game arrives at your Friendly Local Game Store this Fall - now is the time to start practicing your cardboard tube moves!Penny Arcade is a card game for two players featuring the characters from the hit web comic of the same name. Gabe and Tycho employ various attacks, hijinks, and stuff they have acquired over the years to assist them in beating down their rival. Playable in less than 30 minutes, Penny Arcade is easy to learn and impossible to master.

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