29 June 2009

His Reach Grows Long Indeed

A preview of Sauron for the upcoming Middle-earth Quest!

“The Dark Lord’s evil knows no borders. It will not stop in the South.” Even as the words were said, a handful of those who listened nodded in agreement. “It is a threat to all of us.”

The lands of Middle-earth lay at a crossroads. Sauron is gathering his strength to locate the Ring, heroes are rising throughout the lands to thwart his schemes. Neither side has yet gained ground. Now new evils are being summoned, and the lands themselves are slowly falling under Sauron’s sway. Today we focus on this most foul of leaders, this blight upon the lands, we dive into darkness.

Becoming the foul lord of the Shadow is no easy task. You will be pressed to influence the peoples against the heroes, and crush these pests utterly. At your disposal are immensely strong and deadly minions, able and fearsome warriors capable of destroying the heroes. It is your will that guides them, and directs their hands.

Here too, people seemed afraid of strangers and quick to anger. Even without his servants, Sauron’s will saw spirits diminish and despair thrive.

It is a dark time, and it is up to you to make it darker still. Spreading your corruption through these lands is no easy matter. Heroes seem to rise up like mushrooms after a rain, and they inspire confidence and hope in the weaklings of Middle-earth. They seek to undo your grip on this realm, and they must be stopped! Extending from your Shadow Strongholds, your poison grips the hearts and minds of the surrounding regions. With every turn, your presence corrupts further and further from your dark citadels. Use your minions to best effect, goading the populace into further subservience. As your presence grows, the lands become far more deadly. Every time a hero enters a region darkened by your will, they must face the dangers you have lain for them. From Orc Scouts ambushing a hero to the mighty battle with the Balrog deep in the halls of the mines of Moria, these perils can spell the death of an unwary adventurer.

He awoke. Head pounding, wounded. The constricting mesh of some loathsome sinew twisted into his flesh. An Orc, small and cunning, knelt down before him, licking its serrated knife, its breath a foul air of dying things. “Are you ready to sing the songs of Mordor?” the Orc hissed. Then, long sharp hours of pain followed.


Send forth your foul minions to spread your word, and assault the heroes as they attempt to undo your schemes. The Black Serpent, the Mouth of Sauron, the devastating Witch-king; these are the names that are whispered to quiet children and frighten them into silence. These are the terrors that stalk Middle-earth, they cause the lands to tremble before their awesome might. Every creature that flies your banner will allow you to spread your dominion further. Influence is much more rapidly generated in the presence of your ghastly minions. Every turn they disseminate your orders and undermine what meager hope that has begun to take root in your realm. In addition to the fear that surrounds them, these fell foes are able warriors and can slay any arrayed against them. Cave Trolls, Warg Riders, Uruk-Hai, and Barrow Wights all await the opportunity to grant the heroes the sweet release of death.

“The land grows sour, evil spirits in every corner.” The old blind man waved his hands before him as he spoke. For months his dire warnings had been dismissed as fear-mongering, but now his words seemed more believable.

Although spreading fear and battling heroes is fun, you have many schemes which must see fruition if you are to rule these lands. Creating your army of the deadly Uruk-Hai, corrupting the king Denethor, twisting the Istari wizard Saruman to your will, the capture and torture of the creature known as Gollum; each of these are vital to your mission of locating the One Ring. Every plot is another chance to discover the location of the Ring, or to take the heroes out of the fight. Never falter in your desire to advance these plots. These, and these alone, will allow you to cast the lands of Middle-earth into the Shadow for aeons to come.

They came out of the night, like a foul wind upon the black steeds and thundering hooves. Terror rode with them, and fear was their ally. Unliving servants of Sauron, shadows under his great shadow. Pale swords of black metal were drawn with a hiss. The enemy was upon us.


Middle-earth Quest is a game of adventure and conflict set in the time leading up to the creation of the Fellowship. One player will adopt to mantle of Sauron and do his best to spread his evil influence across the lands. Up to three players become heroes and will do their best to foil Sauron's foul plots, and rally the peoples of Middle-earth to their side.

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