2 June 2009

Running With the Pack

Strategies for incorporating Wolf

The war has consumed the resources of nearly every side in it. The cost of maintaining and expanding the theaters of war has forced each faction to look for outside help. Internal recruitment has provided each side with new soldiers, Yula for the Reich, Ramirez for the Union, and Gorgeï for the Matriarchy. Each side has also sent out the call for any and all operatives willing to work with their side. Answering this call was one of the most dangerous men in the world, Wolfgang Otto Ludwig Friedrich, better known as Wolf.

The History of Wolf

In turn a pirate, plunderer, mercenary, and smuggler, Wolf sells his services to the highest bidder. Last year, the Union Counterintelligence Corps classified him as one of the three most wanted men in the world.

A brief chronology of Wolf’s exploits; 1863 July 4 The Confederate General Robert E. Lee is shot by the Wolf, during the battle of Gettysburg.

1911 Wolf is in residence at the fortress of Alamut, where he guides Ikarus Faith through his initiation tests.

1936 Wolf escapes a Union prison, where he was incarcerated for trafficking explosives off the coast of Borneo. He embarks on the SS Venture headed for Skull Island.

1939 Wolf sabotages the Reich’s lines of communication in Mexico City, right before the arrival of the Kaiser’s heavy combat zeppelins.

1941 During the attack on Cairo, Marquis General Hermann Von Heïzinger calls upon the Ninth Plague of Egypt. Reich doctor Hass Horbinger uses this cover to sneak into the Sphinx. Lead by Wolf, he finds one of the 4 Cardinal Points.

1945 May - Wolf breaks into the Fortress of Berlin on behalf of Don Falcone. Inside is the notebook detailing Karl Mauch’s discovery of the ruins of Ophir. This incursion made General Oberst Heinrich Von Thôt a personal enemy of Wolf. Some months later Wolf is seen on the side of Grand Hierarch Katerina Hyorovitch and Major Volkov, attacking the strengthened monastery of Czestochowa.

1948 President Edison brings 3 men together for the first time: Impey Barbicane, Wolfgang Otto Ludwig Friedrich, and Sir John Edward. They form Cerberus Prime.

Integrating Wolf

A mercenary through and through, Wolf will work for any faction, provided they pay his price. Having plied his trade as an odd-jobs man in the four corners of the world, this daring adventurer with a touch of genius is the man for any situation. Before the game begins, Wolf may choose any two skills he needs to complete his mission. Talk about the right man for any job, this gives him an unprecedented ability to complete objectives. Having fought on and against all sides, Wolf uses the prototype weapon, Freiheit, to gain an advantage over the foes he faces. This weapon ups his combat ability and increases his accuracy. Add to that his M3 combat knife, and F1 frag grenade, and Wolf is able to do a large amount of damage in a very short amount of time, regardless of the circumstances.

Reich A true mercenary, Wolf can be found working for any side. When found among the forces of the Reich, Wolf works very well with the powers of Von Heïzinger. The Marquis General can force the opposition into clustered spots, giving Wolf the option of grenade, knife, or machine gun. The Stosstruppen can also be used to funnel enemies into Wolf’s line of fire. Use them to move low combat, high stamina targets towards Wolf. With his pistol adding a point to each die roll, and adding an additional point to his combat, he should make short work of them.

Union With all of the big guns on the side of the Union already, Wolf needs to play a sneakier role. Using him effectively will mean providing cover fire, allowing him to close with the enemy and dispatch them with his combat knife, or using the skills he chose at the start of the game to complete objectives quickly. MacNeal and his immunity to the effects of smoke grenades is an excellent ally. He can provide cover fire, and retreat into the smoke if the situation gets too hot. Tala also can work well with Wolf, providing some bang to keep enemies at bay, and then providing debris to slow down enemy agents.


Matriarchy With all of the electricity flying around, Wolf needs to be careful as to which path he ends his movement on. He can provide an excellent objective clearer, and can free up Zor’ka to hunt down the pesky agents opposing her. Taking the Stamina Pack, and the Shot of Morphine with it, may be prudent as it can provide Wolf with a bit more electrical resistance. Wolf can also be used to protect the third hero, whether it be Irishka, Irina, or Gorgeï. Paired with Gorgeï, Wolf can be used to hunt down enemy agents, and steer them towards the devastation that is Zor’ka.

Overall the gun for hire, jack of all trades, landless hero Wolf is easily added to any squad. He can hold his own in a shootout, a knife fight, or objective race. Wolf is a difficult man to track down, but we have learned that he will be available for hire at this year’s GenCon.

Tannhäuser is a squad based game set in a U-chronic past. WWI has never ended and the forces of the Reich have turned to the oocult. The forces of the Union have delved into alien technology and developed deadly weapons of war. Using the revolutionary path-finding system, Tannhäuser is quick and easy to play.

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