6 May 2009

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Strategies and tips for using Yula in Tannhäuser.

In a world at war, a select few are making a huge difference. Each has a unique style of combat, each brings something new to the battles. Every side is actively recruiting and these agents are be activated as fast as they can be trained. Our first agent to make an appearance began her training along with the infamous Blutsturm agent, Eva Krämer. Yula Korlïtz is a deadly opponent, wielding Krueger, her custom made weapon of choice.

The History of Yula


The twins Yula and Anna Korlïtz (Special Investigators S-60 and S-60s) were only nineteen years old when they directed the assault on the British Museum during the massive bombardment of London in 1941. Many esoteric objects of great value, including the Eye of Tages and the Urn of Bet Giorgis, were stolen away that night to the headquarters of the Obscura Korps in Berlin. Two years later, Anna was assigned to the protection detail of the Countess Krankenshwarz during the Fifth Paranormal Column’s expedition into the Dead Lands. On May 8, 1947, the Fifth came across something Anna called, in her final radio communication, “Der Teufel.” She was never heard from again.

As for Yula, she studied under Investigator Krämer for two years at the fortress of Mergentheim before being deployed in the autumn of ‘44 on a mission into enemy territory. The following year, she stole Sir William Grove’s original plans for the first fuel cell. The twenty-six soldiers she savagely eliminated in order to accomplish her mission and return home safely were sufficient to earn her the Close Combat Bar.

Currently on assignment in Oxfordshire, Yula has been charged with locating the entrance to the Tomb of Uffington, and then launching a major operation against the Golden Globe. According to several reports, this secret society is currently preparing its most important project, code-named “Daedalus.”

Integrating Yula

As a Blutsturm agent, Yula excels at special missions as well as guarding the Marquis General. Combined with her fellow agent, Eva Krämer, and backed by the Stosstruppen, Yula can create a terrifying close combat addition. With a heavy emphasis on close combat, the Reich can close in fast and hard against the big guns of the Union. A flash machine gun is capable of eliminating agent after agent, but requires distance between the target and the wielder. Exploiting this weakness, the forces of the Reich, led by Yula, can swiftly close in and engage these high risk targets, neutralizing them before they can bring the terrible power of the flash gun or grenades to bear.

Combining her deadly close combat abilities with the other members of the Reich, Yula can be a nightmare to face. Using the movement disruptive powers of the Patmos Amulet, enemy models can be moved into a very advantageous position. Mix this with the twin close combat dangers or Yula and the Stosstruppen, and you have an effective way to eliminate almost any opponent. The danger here lies in using two models to deal with a single model. To balance this, choose models with high damage output, such as Barry Daniel Brown or models that help hold a strategy together, such as Irishka Voronin. Losing Barry limits the potential damage output the Union can bring to bear, as Barry has both high Stamina and a high Combat rating. Using the Patmos Amulet to move Irishka forces the Matriarchy to move to intercept, or lose their best mechanic. Yula also works well as a herder. She can be used to flush enemy agents towards Karl Zermann and his deadly pistol, or onto the path of a Schocktruppen, allowing him to bring to bear his devastating Mad Minute ability.

Alternatively, you can create a solid close combat strike team. Using Von Heïzinger as your leader, add both Eva and Yula. Select two Stosstruppen as your troops, and you now have the nastiest close combat squad possible. This squad is highly effective in the narrow corridors found in Castle Ksiaz, and is ruinous to face using the Secret Door variant from Novgorod. As you have limited ranged weaponry, take care to avoid paths that have long runs. Sidestep onto alternative paths to avoid being caught in the open, and avoid placing too many of your agents together. A single well placed grenade could spell disaster for you.

Overall Yula adds another facet to the forces of the Reich. Allowing for the creation of a deadly close combat squad, as well as providing a nasty new option for disposing of enemy agents, Yula is a welcome addition to almost any Reich team.

Tannhäuser is a squad based game set in a U-chronic past. WWI has never ended and the forces of the Reich have turned to the oocult. The forces of the Union have delved into alien technology and developed deadly weapons of war. Using the revolutionary path-finding system, Tannhäuser is quick and easy to play.

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