4 May 2009

An Arsenal for the Lost Legions

Unpublished Command Cards for Mutant Chronicles

While Mutant Chronicles may have ended, Fantasy Flight Games is committed to seeing the game out gracefully with as much material for the dedicated fans as we can put out. To that end, we are releasing as a downloadable PDF the Command Cards that would have been published in later expansions of Mutant Chronicles.

Simply print out the cards, cut them out, and put them in card sleeves, and you will have a brand new arsenal of commands to broaden your Mutant Chronicles army-building options and deepen your gameplay experience.

Click on the image to the left for a larger version. The PDF includes Command Cards for all published factions, including Ilian, as well as a number of cards useable by any faction, and blank Command Card templates for the unreleased factions of Cybertronic, Imperial, and Mishima.

Download the Command Cards. (PDF, 7 mb)

In addition, for those players who would like to play very large confrontations spread out over multiple maps, we have also added the maps from the Mutant Chronicles Starter Set as PDFs that can be downloaded directly from from the Mutant Chronicles Support Page.

We hope that you enjoy these additions to Mutant Chronicles and even though Fantasy Flight Games will not be publishing any more material for the game, we hope that you will still enjoy playing it.

The Mutant Chronicles Miniatures Game is a dark gothic science fiction skirmish-scale miniatures game based in a future of mutants and megacorporations.

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