21 May 2009

Single And Looking

Examining the strategies behind the Matriarchy's mercenary.

Every faction is stepping up recruitment. New faces are popping up on every front in the war. The forces of the Reich have enlisted the services of Yula Korlïtz, and her deadly close combat skills. The Union has assigned Sergio Ramirez Delastillas to the front, bringing the full might of his explosive expertise. Not to be out done, the semi-divine Matriarchy have called in the skills of the hero of Rugen, Gorgeï Volkov.

The History of Gorgeï

On the dawn of April 4th, 1947, forty Heinkel 111 bombers from the Imperial Squadron dropped more than 135 tons of explosives on the Monastery-Fortress of Czestochowa. The Kaiser had been forced to bomb his own fortified position.

The day before, the Eisendivision under Baron Reimard Von Karloff had left the city to rendezvous with the 103rd Army of the Reich. A few hours later, the city defenses were destroyed in a surprise attack by Grand Hierarch Katerina Hyorovitch. She sacrificed the lives of 17,500 riflemen under her command to scour the depths of the monastery for the Black Madonna. Fearing the consequences should such a relic fall into enemy hands, the Kaiser immediately ordered the destruction of Czestochowa, including the relic and everyone inside.

When the rain of fire and the flames of the bombs finally quieted, there was nothing left for kilometers around but bodies and rubble. At the heart of the inferno, one man - and one man only - survived.

Critically wounded but standing tall like a colossus in the midst of the ruins, he held proudly in his hands the Black Madonna.

Major Volkov is the leader of the Phantom Division - elite, autonomous commandos frequently deployed behind enemy lines and attacking from ambush. Not answerable to any military authority, and acting as his own commanding officer, Gorgeï often allies with one enemy to combat another. Thus, Gorgeï need not share an Affiliation Symbol with the other characters on his team (though this does not change that rule for the other members of his team, who - barring any other exception - must still share a symbol with each other). However, Gorgeï may not be played against a team that includes any characters with the Matriarchy Affiliation Symbol.

Integrating Gorgeï

Adding to the destructive might of the Matriarchy, Gorgeï Volkov adds ranged firepower to the arsenal. Wielding the deadly PPSh-41s Submachine Guns, Gorgeï can lay down a withering burst of firepower. Each of these weapons is lethal, but when put in the skilled hands of the hero of Rugen, they become downright nightmarish. Using the experience he has gained in countless battles all over the globe, Gorgeï can fire his weapons at two different targets in the same activation!

As senior officers, majors are often dispatched to the front lines to accomplish specific tactical and strategic tasks. Major Volkov has never left the front lines. Using his rank, Gorgeï can add a five point bonus to the roll for Deployment. This advantage can be huge, especially so in Story mode or in one of the Scenarios. Choosing exactly where to enter from, and more importantly, leaving your opponent fewer options is always good.

Aside from the benefits Gorgeï provides for his homeland, he can also add his prodigious pistol proficiency to any side. Gorgeï is a mercenary, and while he will freely work for the Matriarchy, he may be purchased to fight for the Union or the Reich.

Adding to the overwhelming firepower of the Union, Gorgeï combined with Barry Daniel Brown and John MacNeal can be devastating. These three can effectively can hold almost any objective, especially if they have victory points to burn for counter-attacks. Alternatively, pair Gorgeï with Tala. Tala has a devastating dynamite attack, but can find it difficult to get close to an already activated model. Send Gorgeï in first to clear a path to the space she needs, then have Tala run up and take out the now defenseless model. The explosive Ramirez can also work well with Gorgeï. Use Hound DOG or the Brothers Bomb to direct enemies onto a single path. Now Gorgeï can use his Multiple Targets ability to great effect, potentially taking out two agents a turn! The opposite can also be particularly nasty. Use Gorgeï to funnel enemy agents together, with the assistance of Hound DOG. Now Ramirez can use his grenade launcher to hit multiple models in one volatile explosion.

The occult forces of the Reich can also enlist the services of the Gorgeï. Providing an additional way to eliminate opposing forces, Gorgeï pairs very well with Karl Zermann and the Marquis General, Hermann Von Heïzinger. Using the Patmos Amulet, Von Heïzinger can move enemy figures onto the same path, allowing Gorgeï a very easy shot to target both figures. Similar to the trick above, Gorgeï can be used to chase enemy agents into the sights of Karl Zermann’s pistol, Doom. Alternatively, Zermann can use Doom to flush Union figures out of rooms filled with smoke into the waiting pistols of Gorgeï.

Regardless of which faction Gorgeï sides with, he is a deadly addition. Possessing the ability to target multiple figures, and the weaponry needed to dispose of any he targets, Gorgeï is sure to see the table often.

Tannhäuser is a squad based game set in a U-chronic past. WWI has never ended and the forces of the Reich have turned to the oocult. The forces of the Union have delved into alien technology and developed deadly weapons of war. Using the revolutionary path-finding system, Tannhäuser is quick and easy to play.

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