12 May 2009

Into the Realm of Aslor

This Summer, Legends of Percevan, Volume 2

This Summer, the legendary adventures of the gallant knight Percevan and his merry sidekick Kervin continue in Fantasy Flight Publishing's second collection of graphic novel stories, Legends of Percevan, Volume 2: The Realm of Aslor.

In The Realm of Aslor, a dark shadow is stalking the land and terrorizing the peasants. What is worse: Kervin's beloved pet Guimly has been kidnapped! Percevan and Kervin's pursuit of the mysterious kidnapper will lead them into the hands of an old enemy, but all is not what it seems. Mysteries will deepen, intrigues will interweave, and the shadow will spread over the kingdom unless Percevan and Kervin can save the day!

Also included in this full-color, hardcover collection are two more tales of daring adventure: The Hourglass of El-Jerada, in which Percevan and Kervin must rescue the King's friend, lost somewhere in the desert of Araby, and in The Dark Arcantane, Percevan and loyal Kervin have been banished for crimes they did not commit - can they clear their names and return to their homeland?

This Summer the creative team of Fauche, Léturgie, and Luguy bring you more tales of rousing adventure and riotous comedy in Legends of Percevan, Volume 2.

To download a free 8-page preview of The Realm of Aslor, follow this link. (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Legends of Percevan is a series of graphic novels about the adventures of a brave knight, Percevan, and his jovial sidekick, Kervin, in a magical medieval past, filled with witches, sorcerers, and monsters.

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