9 April 2009

Finishing the Chronicles

An open letter to the Mutant Chronicles Miniatures Game community

Mutant Chronicles Miniatures Game Community:It is with regret that Fantasy Flight Games must announce the cancellation of the Mutant Chronicles Miniatures Game. Unfortunately, despite big GAMA Trade Show and Gen Con promotions along with aggressive advertising and a premium league kit to support organized play, sales never rose to the level necessary to sustain the game. We at FFG spent a lot of time and energy on creating this game, and we're big fans of the world and system. While we are open to offers from other companies for the rights to the game line, this chapter of the Mutant Chronicles saga has drawn to a close.However, we certainly don't want to leave players with an incomplete first set. You supported this game, so we would like to support you.We will be selling Mutant Chronicles: Lost Legions, a box containing the remaining 13 miniatures that were never released as well as one previously-released figure from the starter set that was never released in a Warpack (see below for images), plus a poster map, promo cards, and (while supplies last) a Mutant Chronicles patch, all for a price of $10.00 plus shipping. In addition, extra Mutant Chronicles dice sets are available for $4.95 plus shipping.

You can purchase these items in the FFG Online Store. Retail stores wishing to offer this to their customers can contact Rick Nauertz in the FFG Sales Department.In addition, we will be posting PDFs of the cards for the already-designed next set of miniatures – 29 figures for the five released factions, plus unit card templates for Cybertronic, Imperial, Mishima and Semaï – for free download, as our gift to those of you who love this great game. You can proxy your own figures in this free expansion, and design your own characters, making your Mutant Chronicles experience last for years to come.Finally, we want to thank all of you who purchased Mutant Chronicles, played it with your friends, showed it off at your local games store, and helped to get others into the game. Your efforts are appreciated.


Figures included in the Lost Legions set include:

(left to right): Free Marine Soldier, Mitch Hunter, Freedom Brigadier Sergeant,Free Marine Tank Hunter, Free Marine Hero

(left to right): Dragoon Kapitan, Battlesuit Prototype, Etoilles Mortant, Max Steiner,Security Specialist, Dragoon

(left to right): Advanced Bio Giant, Infernal Corroder, Bio Giant


Promo Cards (PDF, 1.6MB)

Character Cards and Templates (PDF, 6.4MB)

The Mutant Chronicles Miniatures Game is a dark gothic science fiction skirmish-scale miniatures game based in a future of mutants and megacorporations.

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