1 April 2009

Forces Of The Overlord Rejoice

The first wave fo the metal Descent Lieutenants is now on sale!

The Road to Legend is fraught with peril. From ambushing bands of spiders to roaming packs of beastmen, the world of Terrinoth is a dangerous place to be. Beginning next week, danger has a new face.

The first wave of the Lieutenant models arrives, bringing the services of Gata the White Death, Sir Alric Farrow, Lord Merick Farrow, and the awesome Thaadd the Destroyer.

Each of these models was crafted by the fine folks at Cipher Studios, the team that brings you the Anima Tactics figures. These models are 28mm scale and are lead-free pewter. Each wave will also feature one double size figure, showcasing how big the Lieutenant actually is. This first wave has Thaadd towering over the doomed heroes, and taking up an impressive four squares!

For those who haven't had a chance to use each of these terrifying characters, here are some of the highlights.

Thaadd the DestroyerThough restricted to the Titan avatar, Thaadd the destroyer is a welcome addition to any game of Road to Legend. Boasting the ability to make razing cities easy, Thaadd also comes with a deadly set of minions. Two ogres and a master ogre make any encounter particularly tough, and add to that the free use of Hordes of Things, a card that grants the Overlord extra creatures in the encounter. Thaadd's stats make him incredibly tough. Six armor at copper is difficult to overcome, and Knockback and Reach only further intimidate the hero party. At the higher levels, Thaadd can act as a mobile Crushing Blow, taking the very armor and weapons out of the heroes hands.

Sir Alric FarrowThe very first lieutenant most Overlords employ, Sir Alric gives the Overlord access to the power Doom! at a very early stage in the game. This card gives all the creatures the Overlord controls an extra black power die, and extra damage and surges are always welcome. To further compound this, Sir Alric arrives with a whole host of minions, 2 beastman, 2 razorwings, 2 hell hounds, and a sorcerer. Sir Alric is in the middle range for armor and health, but what puts him over the top are his abilities. Ironskin, Regeneration 5, and Unstoppable all serve to make Sir Alric a very formidable opponent.

Gata the White DeathThe Beastman Lord is a powerful avatar, with Gata on his side, he is downright vicious. Gata is only available to the Beastman Lord and only at silver level or higher. Despite these hindrances, his power is terrifying. When Gata encounters the hero party a black power die is rolled. On any result except a blank, the heroes are ambushed! Compounding the damage from the ambush is his Shadowcloak ability, and his innate power. If Gata deals at least 1 point of damage to a hero (after applying armor), a black power die is rolled. If the result is a blank, the hero is killed immediately regardless of wounds or armor! This ability can change the outcome of an encounter with the simple roll of a die. Even worse is the ambushed heroes will have no protection from Gata's attacks until they awaken. Gata is indeed the White Death.

Lord Merick FarrowLord Merick is often the second lieutenant most Overlords choose, as his cost is reduced if his brother, Sir Alric, is in play. Initially he provides 15 extra threat to start the encounter, and he comes with a horde of skeletons, a trio of sorcerers, and a manticore. On his own, Lord Merick has a deadly ranged attack, which is even nastier with his +6 to range and Blast 1. To further assist him in finding the perfect snipers roost, he may sacrifice five movements points to move to any space in his line of sight. Lord Merick will work for anyone, making him the perfect resource for an avatar looking to manage those pesky archers and wizards hanging out at the back of the party.

Keep your eyes peeled, the next wave is coming soon.

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