16 March 2009

Percevan Rides Again!

Legends of Percevan Volume 1 In Stores Now

The legendary exploits of the brave knight Percevan and his jolly sidekick Kervin have returned to Fantasy Flight and their adventures are now collected in the handsome full-color hardcover collection, Legends of Percevan, Volume 1: The Stars of Ingaar.

Join Percevan and Kervin as they pursue the greedy Baron Deadstone and try to prevent him from bringing together the awesome power of the Stars of Ingaar! On the way they will confront the wizard Zenzarael and the sorceress Balkis, plus storms, traps, tricks, and tombs. Also included in Legends of Percevan, Volume 1 is the standalone adventure "The Sword of Ganael" and a preview of "The Realm of Aslor".

To learn more about the history of Percevan at Fantasy Flight, read this article. You can also download a free 8-page preview of Percevan by following this link. (PDF, 2mb)

Pick the adventures of Percevan at your local game, book, or comic store, or at our webstore.

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