19 February 2009

Forces Of The Matriarchy Bolstered

Gorgeï Volkov is now available for Tannhäuser.

On the dawn of April 4th, 1947, forty Heinkel 111 bombers from the Imperial Squadron dropped more than 135 tons of explosives on the Monastery-Fortress of Czestochowa. The Kaiser had been forced to bomb his own fortified position.

The day before, the Eisendivision under Baron Reimard Von Karloff had left the city to rendezvous with the 103rd Army of the Reich. A few hours later, the city defenses were destroyed in a surprise attack by Grand Hierarch Katerina Hyorovitch. She sacrificed the lives of 17,500 riflemen under her command to scour the depths of the monastery for the Black Madonna. Fearing the consequences should such a relic fall into enemy hands, the Kaiser immediately ordered the destruction of Czestochowa, including the relic and everyone inside.

When the rain of fire and the flames of the bombs finally quieted, there was nothing left for kilometers around but bodies and rubble. At the heart of the inferno, one man - and one man only - survived.

Critically wounded but standing tall like a colossus in the midst of the ruins, he held proudly in his hands the Black Madonna.

With the recent arrival of the forces of the Matriarchy, the Union and the Reich have been sending out the call for new mercenaries. What they got was Gorgeï Volkov.

Gorgeï is the newest single figure for Tannhäuser. While still loyal to his mother country and the Matriarchy, Gorgeï is willing to hire out his guns to anyone. Equipped with a pair of deadly PPSh-41s Submachine Guns, Gorgeï is able to take down multiple targets each round.

Also included in Gorgeï's pack is the token for the Wolftrap. This deadly device is primarily found with Wolf, but can be used by any model with the mercenary affiliation.

Gorgeï is now available at your FLGS and on our webstore. Supplement your forces today!

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