9 December 2009

Gaïa is Calling

Coming this winter, the complete Anima: Tactics rulebook

In an instant, everything that was ours was taken away and we were plunged into the darkness of the limits of our own knowledge. Like tears forgotten in the immensity of history, we moved forward along an uncertain path, unaware of our true condition, while the world we had created collapsed around us.

Was this our punishment?

Or our salvation?

- From "The History of Gaïa"

Coming this Winter Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present from Edge Entertainment and Cipher Studios, the complete rulebook for the Anima: Tactics miniatures game. Now you can begin your journey into a magical and fantastic world and join the ranks of warriors battling for the very soul of Gaïa.

In this full-color, 200 page, hard bound book, you will find the complete, clarified and expanded rules for the Anima: Tactics miniatures game. The Anima: Tactics rulebook is filled with extensive detail on gameplay, including many helpful diagrams, examples of play, and a wealth of scenarios. The rulebook also includes the complete rules, stats, and special abilities for over 70 Anima: Tactics characters.

Finally, the Anima: Tactics rulebook also features compelling backstory information on the world of Gaïa, its conflicts, its organizations, and its people, complete with character histories and beautiful full-color art by some of the hottest fantasy artists of the US, Europe, and Japan.

This Winter, the breach of Heaven must be sealed and the flames of war extinguished, but the only question remaining is which of Gaïa's children will emerge victorious ...

Anima: Tactics is a tactical miniatures game set in the world of Gaia, a world that combines elements of Eastern and Western narrative and artistic traditions into a fully-realized setting for adventure and action.

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