28 December 2009

Laws to Govern the Masses

The rules for the upcoming Tribune Expansion are now available

Hear me, people of Rome!

The time of the Senate is gone. I am fed up with old men, filled with corruption and weakness. They waste all the rightfull earned riches of our Empire. I want to speak about a man who is different, a man who wants to change things. This man served bravely for many years to spread the glory of the people of Rome. Now he is here to bring justice upon those old men.

I say, let us cast aside this republic! I say, let us declare this man to be the leader of this wonderful city and this powerful nation! I say, let us call him Emperor!

Back in September, we announced the upcoming release of Tribune Expansion, which will add several all-new elements to your Tribune base game. Now, we’re exciting to announce that copies of Tribune Expansion are now shipping to distributors, and its rules are now available on the support page!

In Tribune Expansion, you’ll try to earn the favor of the Emperor, become well known as a patron for your mercy towards the slaves, or gain hold of high offices in the administration of Rome. However, beware of those around you who will stop at nothing to secure their own ambitions. Tribune Expansion also adds a new faction to the mix, which allows for a game of up to six players; the Brutii are an old and noble family who work in the shadows of Rome to accumulate influence and plot to take the reigns of power.

Prepare yourself for this viper’s nest of intrigue and deceit by checking out the rules (pdf, 2.3 mb), then watch your local game store in the days ahead!

Tribune is a board game of resource allocation, set collection, and bidding set in ancient Rome. 2-5 players compete to control Rome by balancing resources, cleverly outbidding and outmaneuvering their opponents, and influencing Roman factions.

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