20 November 2009

A Chance to Wield Your Vast Intellect

Penny Arcade: The Card Game is now on sale

It’s finally here – Penny Arcade: The Card Game, a game of grievous personal injury, is at your friendly local game store and at our webstore!

Designed by James Hata, Penny Arcade: The Card Game is based on the characters and situations from the smash hit Penny Arcade webcomic. Two players take on the personas of Gabe and Tycho as they use everything at their disposal to obliterate their opponent and claim victory.

Check out the description page, then head to your local retailer or to our webstore, and let the unsporting conduct commence!

Penny Arcade is a card game for 2 players featuring the characters from the hit web comic of the same name. Gabe and Tycho employ various attacks, hijinks, and stuff they have acquired over the years to assist them in beating down their rival. Playable in less than 30 minutes, Penny Arcade is easy to learn and impossible to master.

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