15 January 2009

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Operation Novgorod brings three new ways to play the game.

Tannhäuser is game with infinite possibilities. The objectives, scenarios, token combinations... the list is lengthy. Adding to this are three new ways to play. Follow the links below to add new variety to your Tannhäuser game.

The first is a new game mode, King of the Hill. (png, 560 kb)

The second is a new way to deploy your troops, Rush and Go. (png, 124 kb)

The third gives players a new tactic to exploit, Secret Door. (png, 788 kb)


In addition, the map contest has been given an upgrade. All entries must be in no later than January 31st.

The winner will receive a copy of Operation Novgorod, the single figures Gorgei, Ramirez, and Wolf.

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