13 January 2009

New Additions To The War

A look at some of the new features in Operation Novgorod

The forces of the Matriarchy bring to bear some of the most powerful weapons and abilities seen thus far. The mechanical constructs, the electrical weaponry, and the terrifying power of the Slavic Gods all combine to make them a deadly new force.

Among the new features of this forthcoming force is the addition of the Legendary character. Legendary characters are counted as normal heroes for the purposes of army composition, but they gain a powerful ability. All Legendary characters cancel the special effects of Natural 10 results on all enemy equipment targeting them. Fearless in the face of flash gun technology, unable to be ensnared by whips, the Legendary character is a deadly foe.

The Reich has new reason to tremble before the might of the Matriarchy. The introduction of the Null Characteristic brings a new challenge to the fight. Featured on the Mental stat for the Voïvode, the Null Characteristic prevents them from even being targeted by anything requiring a Mental value! No Mental duels, no susceptibility to Sha-Na-Ra, no forced movement from the Patmos Amulet.

The Matriarchy also come with a new weapon type: the Liturgy. The Liturgy is always active, and does not require an Action Phase to use. The Liturgies effects may be used once per game turn, for the character or an ally in range. The Liturgies range is equal to the character's Mental stat plus one, and it not limited by path. When used, flip the Liturgy's equipment token face down to show that is has been used.

Next we look at the new game modes offered in Novgorod.

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