9 December 2008

Mutant Chronicles League Starts Now!

The Mutant Chroncles league papers now available for download

The Mutant Chronicles league starts now!  The human forces are preparing for the ultimate fight.  The demon forces are drawing closer to the ultimate destruction of the human race.  The stage is set.  The stakes are known by all.  Live for tomorrow or die trying today. 

Everyone should have their league kits now.  If you have ordered your league kit, and have not received it, please send an Email to [email protected].  The final step you need to take to participate in this league is print off the Mutant Chronicles league papers.  These league papers are now available for download in the Mutant Chronicles Support section.  To access these papers, you will need to be a registered member on our website.

You will need to print off the following quantities of the league papers:

  • League Achievements (x6)
  • League Campaign Sheet (x6)
  • League Achievement Checklist (x6)
  • League Store (x1)
  • League Scenarios (x1)

Enjoy the league and may the superior race flourish in victory!

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