10 December 2008

The Fight Rages On!

A chance for you to take part in a new map!

The world of Tannhäuser is in constant conflict. The occult forces of the Reich, the technologically advanced forces of the Union, and the imminent forces of the Matriarchy are all vying for a chance to turn the tide. The fight has raged through mansions and crypts alike. Now the fight moves outside. The map below is missing one very important thing - the paths! This is where you come in. Take the map and add your own paths, objectives, and icons. This is your chance to make your mark on the world of Tannhäuser. Once you have finalized your paths, send the map to JR Godwin. All maps must be submitted no later than January 31st, 2009. Once all maps are in, we will work with Take On You, the designers of Tannhäuser, to playtest each of the paths on the maps. The map that is most balanced, fair, and fun will then have the paths put on professionally and will be available to all. Who knows, the map may even be part of an expansion down the road...

Click the above image to get a higher resolution version (png, 6.4mb)

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