21 November 2008

Running With the Devil

An Algeroth Strategy Guide

by Erik Lind"I shot him point blank! There's no way he should have survived. But instead he…shed some sort of layer. He did something I can't explain. His body transformed and he was back for more! I stood in shock as his eyes met mine. He smiled at me, teeth black as night and saliva oozing from the sides of his mouth. He then screeched at me, and eerily enough, walked away in the other direction. That's when I collapsed."

— a Capitol Ranger describing his encounter with a Necromutant

The demons from the outer reaches of our Solar System are now on our doorstep. They require leadership and cunning tactics, but who will lend these services to Algeroth? Will it be you who decides to bring this tyranny and chaos to Earth? If so, you will want to have absolute supremacy on the battlefield when terrorizing your opponent. As all factions have their own flavor, Algeroth have their own fine tuning of destruction, and you must tap this effectively if you hunger for the massacre of your foes. So what will you have to do to issue an agenda of mass demolition?


Large and in Charge

With Algeroth units, expect to have large demonic behemoths charging across the killing fields. Out of the nine different sculpts available to Algeroth in the first wave of releases, six of them are double-based units. Having these enormous fighters on the map will strike fear into the heart of your enemy, giving them a hint of the destruction these units are capable of. In addition, many of these units have special abilities that correspond to their large size. Golgotha, for example, can make two attacks against different targets with one action. Being a double-based figure, she can use those two attacks in any of the eight hexes that surround her. A close assault on Golgotha is not the best-laid plan.

Furthermore, these larger based units require a different type of strategy. Having the second base can be an Achilles' heel for these units. It will require much more planned out maneuvering and awareness of your surroundings. Just because you have one base in cover doesn't mean that the enemy couldn't come up and attack the other base portion that isn't in helpful shelter. Watch for flanking enemies that could stir up trouble to your exposed bases and plan your counter-attack in preparation of these tactics.

Up Close and Personal

How a faction fights can change the course of an entire game in a matter of rounds. With Algeroth, you have a sprinkling of ranged fighters, but for the most part you'll become very acquainted with your enemies when you're up in their face. Most Algeroth fighters have a gruesome power when in close range of their enemies.

For the most part, the Algeroth come equipped with weapons that wreak havoc in close proximity. Whether it's the Meat Wolfer sword slicing through your enemy or the Ashkeroth Howling Blade wrenching into your opponent, the sheer power of Algeroth will be felt in in close range.

Monstrous Abilities

Algeroth forces are feared amongst all the megacorporations as their powers can drive insanity and terror right into the hearts of their opponents. These creations of Algeroth not only come equipped with weapons of ferocious destruction, but they also are trained in abilities that show off the powers of Dark Symmetry.

The Ezoghoul's "Fear" ability will give you the chance to move adjacent enemies two spaces away from your Ezoghoul figure. Doing this could drive a pesky unit out of cover and make them vulnerable to an onslaught they were once safe from.

Another unit who has prolonged effects is the Necromutant. Fielding the Necromutant is basically putting three units in one, as their ability allows the fighter to become reincarnated as a lesser form — think of it as a lethal Matryoshka. Paying attention to your units' abilities is as crucial as getting a good die roll. Don't let yourself forget the critical abilities that must be remembered — this game does not forgive.


Dead Ahead

With Algeroth units, don't feel shy! This is certainly a stark difference from playing Capitol. These soldiers are not by any means made of glass! Plus, if you want to get the ball rolling on your opponents demise, you must be aggressive — dare I say reckless — with your units. Now, charging your units straight into the enemy might not be the wisest of ideas, but being timid with your Algeroth forces certainly won't produce the results you would wish to see.

Something else to keep in mind is that your Algeroth units don't exhibit excessive amounts of movement. Being strapped with mechanical contraptions and lugging enormous weapons has its bearing on a soldier, which is where your generalship comes in. Having the Beastial Speed command card will work wonders for your forces. Plus, with the cheap buyback cost, using this card over and over again can cause panic in your opponent as they watch the blight speeding towards them.


Final Thoughts

All in all, Algeroth are most certainly a force to be reckoned with. Whether you're flexing the awesome physical strength of your daunting arsenal, or waging mental warfare with fear and frenzy, you'll never run out of options when pummeling your adversaries. Use the Dark Symmetry effectively and you will be witness to an unstoppable force never seen before. Use it foolishly, and cries of pain and anguish will ring in your ears forever. Bring forth the destruction!

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