20 November 2008

The Winning Haiku

The Beowulf: The Legend Contest

Beowulf himself would be the first to tell you that any contest must have a winner, and to the victor go the spoils. This contest was a hard-fought battle worthy of a Geatish hero, and Beowulf would be proud of all of you! Ultimately, though, only one warrior was selected by the masses as having the best understanding of what it is to be a hero. Congratulations, Matt!

First he killed GrendelThen he killed Grendel's MotherThen he took their stuff– MattMatt has won himself a copy of the game as well as a gorgeous art print signed by both John Howe and Reiner Knizia! Congratulations also to our four runners-up.Inspired by glory,Avenging savage slaughter,A legend is born.– Lukas LitzsingerHeorot stands empty,over the whale road comes aid -bold heros draw near– Jake B.Among my peopleI am the foremost of allRemember my name– Magnus MårtenssonOpen wide, word-hoard -Wake fame of that Hero whoseHeart burst in the fire.– Angelee Sailer AndersonOur runners-up received signed art prints. Thanks to everyone who entered, everyone who voted, and everyone who honors the memory of that greatest of heroes, Beowulf!

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