20 November 2008

Rev Your Engine

An Overview of Moto Grand Prix

If you like to watch the MotoGP races on TV, sit in your armchair with a cold beer in hand, get prepared to take part in the action: the emotion of the race comes to the board with MotoGrandPrix, who will be the first rider to cross the finishing line and see the checkered flag, each player pushing to overtake each other around every turn. MotoGrandPrix is easy, fast, and fun.

EasyThanks to the FlipDiceSystem, MotoGrandPrix is as satisfying for the new to the sport beginner as it is for the racing veteran. With the modular board pieces, you can recreate the most famous tracks out there, or even design your own. Each piece, from the bikes themselves to the roadway pieces are of the highest quality.The fast and realistic dice-based system, the FlipDiceSystem, allows you to modify the results rolled on the dice, similar to gearing up and down. The FlipDiceSystem is based on a simple fact: if you add the opposite sides of a die, you always get a 7. In other words, opposite to a 6 there’s a 1, opposite to a 5 there’s a 2, and opposite to a 4 there’s a 3. So, flipping the dice allows players to accelerate or brake according the features of the track, with straights and bends of varied difficulty. After understanding this simple concept, it’s easy to play all the rest, even with the expert rules.FastMotoGrandPrix is an exciting sports race for 2-6 riders and even with 6 players in the expert mode, a complete race with 6 laps does not require more than 60-90 minutes. Each turn every player is actively engaged in the game, with little to no down time There are no strange paths to ensue, no falls or race retirings. From the first to the last lap, you need to find the strategy that will give you the edge to get ahead. The game allows you to organize single races all the way up to championships and gatherings with a lot of players: with two or more sets, is possible to build circuits and to organize GPs with any racetrack you want.FunMotoGP prides itself on being a game anyone can play. Race fans of all ages and backgrounds can get together and enjoy the game. The base level requires being able to count to 12, a small amount of strategy, and a little luck; the more advanced levels will require players to manage the stats of the bikes, maintain and repair the engines, and flip the dice to get the most of out each turn. The fun starts at the first lap and increases during the game, lasting until crossing the finishing line. You will see yourself leaning in the bends, popping wheelies down the straight aways and racing at break neck speed to the finish line.

An entire race in a boxMotoGrandPrix presents a rich set of components: 72 racetracks tiles which allow you to build ten different circuits, by features and difficulty; 6 splendid models in scale which accurately reproduce famous GPs’ bikes, provided with a special base which allows you to render the rider’s driving –going straight, leaning and doing wheelies; 6 cockpit boards for managing the bike’s features during the race (tires and brake consumption, the extended use of the engine) and tons of accessories to vary the tracks’ features, and a rulebook structured in three different levels to support the players’ experience. Putting together more sets, it’s possible to organize races with more players, without changing the rules, and to outline bigger and more challenger circuits every time. The red lights are swiched on, get ready: the race is going to start!

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