20 November 2008

Prequel and Sequel

by Jeremy Stomberg

Blue Moon and Blue Moon City are anomalies in the board gaming world – the latter is actually a sequel to the former.

While many games have expansions, there are very few games that take place following the events in one game and use the narrative in a completely new title without using the components of the first game. Outside of historical wargames simulating battles that took place within the same campaign, the sequel is a rare breed indeed.

Blue Moon is about a war, while Blue Moon City follows the aftermath of that war. In Blue Moon, players use the myriad races of the City of Blue Moon against each other in magical combat, each attempting towin the favor of three elemental dragons, the only divine creatures remaining in the the world. In Blue Moon City, the war is over, and the remaining people, once bitter enemies, work together to rebuild the city and its central obelisk, bringing the gods back and restoring peace to the land.

Playing them back to back is an odd experience, but one that is a lot of fun.

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