20 November 2008

Down On The Farm

An Intro To Black Sheep

Have You Herd?In Black Sheep, two to four farmhands play cards matching the animals in one of three fields. Each player is trying to get the best combination of animals, to secure those critters for their own corrals. As the animals are herded into the corrals, players must watch out for the black sheep, a creature whose very presence costs the players points!


Players2-4GameplaySet up the three fields so that all players can reach them.Give each player a corral mat.Mix up the small plastic animal figures, then draw the top two cards off the animal deck. Place one of each animal shown on the cards in the first field. Repeat this for each field.Each player then draws three cards. Then all players moo. Yes you have to moo. The player with the loudest moo goes first.

Each player may only play three cards on a field. The cards must be placed on the field that matches the players color. After playing a card, players then draw back up to three. Once every player has placed three cards on a single field, the player with the best combination wins (see page 3 of the rule book for combination rankings). That player takes the animals from the field and places them on his corral. Once a field is cleared, draw the top two cards of the animal deck and place the corresponding animals on the now empty field.The game ends when two different types of animals can not be placed, as they are all in someone's corral. The players add up the points on the bottom of the animal minis and the highest point total wins. When adding up points, the black sheep is worth negative points.

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